Taking a Complicated System and Making It Function with Minimal Cost, Systems Change, and Upheaval"

HousingWorks is a service designed for individuals and organizations working in the subsidized/affordable/special needs housing world.

HousingWorks was developed to help the very different groups communicate, share and distribute information more easily and efficiently: in-house, between each other and with the communities they serve.

HousingWorks aims to reduce or eliminate barriers to subsidized, affordable and special needs housing with a unique model that places state and federal oversight agencies, for-profit management companies, housing authorities, housing advocates, and the homeless in a position to render each other indispensable services.

Systems that force centralization or systems change will generally be unsuccessful and expensive, so we base our software on a "low-interference linkage model":
  • no benefit provided one person should then require extra work for any other person.
  • work done by one person should automatically solve problems for others in the system - but those solutions must only be provided when desired, and should only come in a desired form, and the solutions must not require systems change unless the reward is desirable to the affected party.