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Why send a check when your agency can pay online with a credit card?

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BENEFITS: Housing Advocates with a housingworks.net subscription can:
- locate and apply to all viable open housing options while saving up to 40 hours a month by eliminating.
- ensure true equal access to housing for all populations, regardless of language or disability.
- provide expert housing assistance even though they have only taken our one-hour training.
- handle larger case loads with greater ease.
- update waitlists to all housing providers in just a few minutes.
- print out instant tracking reports-where & when each client has applied.
- run other reports on Client Load and Client Outcomes.

USAGE RULES: To protect both your clients and your agency, each Housing Advocate or Case Manager must purchase a separate subscription; however, this subscription can be transferred to a replacement staff at any time (an important consideration given the high turnover rate for this type of work).

TRAINING and DEMOS: Simply by taking our one-hour webinar, your new employees will be able to provide expert housing assistance to all their clients. The training is included free of cost as part of your subscription; plus, you avoid spending many hours trying to bring your new employees up to speed.

Our Price: $200.00