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HousingWorks helps affordable housing applicants, advocates, providers and policymakers better meet their needs

Housing Advocate Services

We help advocates by equipping them with tools to handle larger case loads with greater ease, update waitlists to all housing providers simultaneously, and automate data intake and management to save valuable time.


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Housing  Provider Services

We help providers by offering a full range of Waitlist Administration services, covering everything from when an applicant first applies to when they move in.  No matter what Property Manager software you use, HousingWorks can dovetail with it to save you money, fill vacancies faster, and boost applicant service.


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Housing Policymaker Services

We help housing policymakers by offering real-time housing data unavailable anywhere else. The "ecosystem" model allows HousingWorks to compile up-to-the-minute demand and supply information on affordable housing in the area, providing invaluable insight for future planning.


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