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Services For Affordable Housing Advocates

HousingWorks Advocate Subscription

  • Locate and apply to all viable open housing options

  • Ensure true equal access to housing for all populations

  • Provide expert housing assistance

  • Handle larger case loads with greater ease

  • Update waitlists to all housing providers in less time

  • Generate automated housing log - track client applications

  • Run additional reports on clients and outcomes

  • Download pre-filled housing applications

  • Instantly narrow results to what clients can afford and want

  • Access to training videos and ongoing customer support

Services For Affordable Housing Providers

HousingWorks offers a full range of Waitlist Administration services that fill a gap in the services provided by your Property Management software. We do everything during the period of time when an applicant first applies until they move in; Waitlist Building, Waitlist Updates, ADA-Boosting application processes, Waitlist Reports, Lottery Services, and more. No matter what Property Manager software you use, we can dovetail with it to save you money, fill vacancies faster, and boost applicant service. We train your staff - or manage in-house - all aspect(s) of application, waitlist and lottery work. As every providers needs are different, we recommend you contact us to discuss the scope of services.

If you are interested in learning more, fill out an inquiry form HERE.

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